Ecobeco’s products and services are designed to help you Save Energy, Money and the Environment. Our staff is dedicated to help you improve your quality of life through our whole home energy audits and retail product suggestions. The information below is based upon our knowledge of energy efficiency, healthy home lifestyles and environmental awareness. Below is some important information put together by our team that you should know about your home.

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Home Performance with ENERGY STAR

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The US Environmental Protection Agency and Department of Energy have created Home Performance with ENERGY STAR, which works to deliver whole-house energy savings to improve comfort and help protect the environment. ecobeco is a provider of Home Performance energy audits.

Save Energy, Save Money

We push, prod, and test your home’s energy and water users and recommend improvements that can save up to 40% on your utility bills while reducing pollution.

A Safe and Healthy Interior

You spend 65% of your time inside your home. We look to improve the air and water quality and manage humidity inside the home to create an eco-friendly, healthy and safe place for your whole family.

Outdoor & Garden

We provide recommendations on eco-friendly lawn and garden care that can drastically reduce your tap water usage, and we show you how to reduce your environmental impact.

Lifestyle, Learning & Fun

We introduce you to fun, fashionable, and educational eco-friendly products for you and your whole family.


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