Leadership Team

Brian Toll, Founder and President

With oil and energy prices on the rise and global warming all over the news, Brian went looking for ways to reduce his energy costs and environmental impact. Frustrated with his experience at big box retail and suffering from information overload thanks to the internet, Brian left his role in Sprint Nextel’s marketing department to found ecobeco, a company whose primary mission is to end the confusion of what it means to be eco-friendly and to make it easy for consumers to implement eco-friendly solutions in their homes. Brian lives in Bethesda.

Reuven Walder, Founder and Vice-President of Energy Auditing

Reuven is a Certified Building Analyst and Building Envelope Specialist through the Building Performance Institute. He has a broad base of knowledge around building science, energy efficiency and environmentally friendly products. A committed conservationist, Reuven has devoted his career to developing projects aimed to reduce resource consumption and promote sustainability. He also has experience conducting research on ecosystems and species. He is an experienced environmental educator utilizing his broad base of scientific and mechanical systems knowledge to educate and empower people around him to wisely use and protect our resources whether on a nature tour or in their home. Reuven lives in Silver Spring, Maryland with his wife, son and two daughters.

Nick Rosenthal, Director of Operations

Nick is a certified BPI Building Analyst. As firm believer in the necessity of implementing energy-demand reductions as part of the solution to the emerging energy crisis, Nick works towards a green energy future for all Americans. Nick graduated from Eckerd College with degrees in Environmental Studies and Computer Science, and is always looking for new ways to promote sustainability. Nick enjoys spending weekends in the outdoors hiking, snowboarding, goecaching and biking. Nick lives in Germantown.


Energy Auditors and Staff

Nicole Applegate, Customer Service Specialist

Nicole has her Bachelors in Environmental Science and Policy from University of Maryland College Park where she learned to protect our natural environment we need to find a balance between everyday life and nature. At ecobeco she helps customers coordinate audits for their home energy efficiency needs, and is dedicated to helping people understand that as individuals they can still have a positive impact on the environment. She has lived in Maryland her whole life, and enjoys art as well as being outside with her German Shepard puppy.

Jillian Becker, Energy Analyst

Jillian is a BPI Certified Building Analyst. A recent graduate of James Madison University’s Integrated Science and Technology program, Jillian has spent the last several years studying many aspects of energy efficiency, as well as environmental concepts. Jillian also enjoys music, traveling, and the great outdoors. She believes in leading by example and is excited to be a part of this promising industry. Jillian currently lives in Silver Spring.

Fresi Bonilla, Customer Service Specialist

Fresi joins the ecobeco team with an extensive background in customer service and is pleased to assist customers in both English and in the Spanish language. Helping you understand the importance of improving your home’s energy efficiency is her priority at ecobeco. Fresi likes keeping herself busy and enjoys volunteering in her community and church by providing assistance through many programs to the youth and low income families. She is currently living in Hyattsville Maryland, and she is pursuing her degree in Business Administration from Montgomery College.

Taylor Branch, Home Improvement Project Manager

He helps Ecobeco Auditors investigate high bill complaints and help customers find ways to reduce their electrical consumption and assists the team with installation of energy saving devices. He enjoys using his problem solving skills to both improve homeowners’ comfort, and to contribute to a better environment.

Oliver Florido, Energy Efficiency Analyst

After initially coming aboard as a part time data entry staff, Oliver transitioned into being a full-time Energy Efficiency Analyst. He found that building science is an ever-evolving science and that the team that makes up ecobeco is an incredibly curious bunch which he believes makes for a great and inspiring workplace. He is our quiet workhorse, rotating between customer service and warehouse logistics in addition to his primary responsibilities. With the realization that sustainability is a necessary part of our futures, Oliver considers this something to be excited about every day.

Jay Gallagher, Energy Auditor

Jay enjoys working with homeowners to diagnose and develop custom solutions that address health and safety, comfort, and energy efficiency issues in their homes. As a certified Building Performance Institute Building Analyst, he’s bringing his life-time of experience to the energy efficiency business. Jay prides himself on a thorough job well done and providing excellent customer service.

Allison Giza, Energy Efficiency Assistant

Allison believes ecobeco’s work is crucial to transforming the ways people think about consumption and is the key to large-scale improvements in greening the planet. She enjoys working with customers to help them learn ways to shrink their environmental footprint starting at home. Allison has a degree from University of Maryland in Environmental Science and Policy. She grew up in rural Baltimore County hiking, biking, swimming, running, and fishing along the Gunpowder River. She now lives in Takoma Park and loves yoga, cooking, singing, and live music.

Ellen Haber, Customer Service Specialist

Armed with an MBA with a concentration in Marketing Management, Ellen has marketed technical services for most of her professional career. Her strong understanding of customer relations and business processes translates to positive customer experience and more projects in the pipeline. For the past five years, Ellen has learned a lot about local environmental issues while serving as the co-chair of a sustainability group in her Silver Spring community. She enjoys foreign languages, cooking and yoga.

Jennifer Hizer, Energy Auditor

As a Certified BPI analyst, Jennifer focuses on providing clients with information that they can use to make their homes more energy efficient. Jennifer’s approach is very simple which is to put you first. Striving with every in-home consultation to develop a positive relationship to ensure your home improvement needs are met. Jennifer graduated from Virginia Tech with a major in natural resources and conservation management and a minor in forestry. Shortly after earning her certification as a Building Analyst from BPI, she also completed the Maryland Master Naturalist course. She enjoys various outdoor activities and spending time with her cat and dog.

Nanda Holmes, Energy Auditor

We are proud and pleased to have him working with us in an area of new growth for the times in which we live in. Energy efficiency is very much on the top of the list on homeowner’s minds, and Nanda is able to provide service and advice to those wishing to save on utilities. Nanda’s goal every working day is to be able to diligently install money and energy saving products in clients’ homes. He finds comfort knowing that he is saving client’s money and optimizing the comfort level of their homes. He enjoys interacting and learning from other ecobeco team members as well as meeting new people, visiting new places, and being involved with marketing activities to promote ecobeco at community events

Olu Olufunmilade, Energy Auditor

Olu is a graduate of Architecture with over seven years experience using the knowledge of engineering and architectural practices for design, construction, and project management. Olu is also a BPI certified Building Analyst, and has keen interest in green technology and energy conservation. He wants to help home owners have more energy efficient homes. Olu and his wife live in Silver Spring.

Greg Parks, Energy Auditor

Greg takes pride in his work and is eager to continue to educate himself in all aspects of energy conservation. Recognizing increased efficiency as an important step towards building a sustainable future, he is excited to help make a difference with people’s homes. He believes that sustainability isn’t about cutting back. Instead, it’s all about making home improvements that not only save money and help the environment but it also makes your home healthy and comfortable. Greg is a certified BPI Analyst and is well versed on the many ways to conserve energy. He shares this knowledge with all of his customers as he performs energy audits. He enjoys working with homeowners and showing them the many ways they can conserve.

Michael Pasay, Auditor Assistant

After receiving a Quick Home Energy Audit (QHEC) from ecobeco, Michael jumped at the chance to join our team. This allowed him to understand the energy efficiency/building process from the perspective of both service provider and client. Michael hopes to pass on the same great experience that he had working with energy efficiency professionals, and to help to improve the quality of each home he comes in contact with. A devoted family man, when he is not saving the world from certain energy loss, he is most likely with his wife and kids.

Mario Pataquiva, Energy Auditor

Mario enjoys helping educate customers about energy efficiency. Mario will work with you to help you achieve your energy efficiency goals. With a degree in architecture, BPI certification and over fifteen years of experience working in architectural firms focusing on residential and commercial projects, he possesses extensive knowledge in home evaluation and construction. Mario is originally from Bogota, Columbia and is fluent in Spanish. He loves working in the greater DMV area because of its people, its “green” culture and its focus on sustainability.

Scott Neill, Customer Service Specialist

As a customer service specialist, Scott enjoys handling the myriad of challenges ecobeco addresses  every day.  He completed his Master’s Degree in Natural Resources at Virginia Tech within the Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability in May, 2015, and has learned that cities are the key to solving the environmental crisis if areas such as energy efficiency can be addressed. In his spare time he enjoys playing music with his friends, reading, exploring the great outdoors, and tending to his aloe plant.

Suresh Pokharel, Energy Efficiency Revenue Assurance Manager

Suresh is a BPI Certified Building Analyst and BPI Envelope Professional. As an engineer and architect, he possesses years of experience in building science and environmental management. Suresh believes that we must revitalize resources; have better coordination between available natural resources and energy consumption; and understand our built environment. He and his family live in Germantown.

Ernesto Rivera, Energy Auditor

Ernesto joined ecobeco in 2011. Originally from El Salvador with a degree from El Salvador University of Technology, he is able to identify issues in your home that are affecting your health, safety, comfort, and pocketbook. As a Building Performance Institute (BPI) certified Building Analyst Professional, he is able to help homeowners improve their living conditions and address energy efficiency concerns.

Eraico Sical, Energy Auditor Assistant

On a daily basis, Eraico performs installations that are needed in the client’s home and according to the specification of the programs ecobeco participates in. He enjoys the satisfaction of a job well-done, being a part of the team and the positive feedback he receives regarding installations and the products he installs.

Ben Schott, Manager

With a background in science and policy, Ben joined ecobeco to accelerate energy efficiency. He believes that efficiency is not just a tool for managing resource consumption, but a vehicle for innovation and sustainable economic growth. Ben received his Bachelor of Science from the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry where he studied the confluence of public policy, environmental studies and science communication. Ben grew up in the suburbs of Rochester, NY where his appreciation for the impact that natural resources and ecology have on our lives was learned at a young age. He loves to ski, hike, and spend time in the great outdoors. Ben lives in Bethesda.

Jim Singer, Energy Auditor

Jim has spent most of his working career in one form of the building trades or another. In 2009, he decided to take his building knowledge and what he had learned trying to make his own 90 year old house more comfortable to help others achieve their energy efficiency goals. Jim is a certified BPI Building Analyst. He and his family live in Washington, DC.

Shira Singer, QHEC and Marketing Manager

Shira graduated from the University of Maryland in 2012 with a degree in environmental science and policy where she developed a strong interest in energy efficient and sustainable building design. Her need to increase expertise in these areas led her to ecobeco, where with a little good luck and good timing, she is able to continue learning with our team. She is hopeful that the time has finally come for us to create real solutions to our energy challenges, and very happy to be doing her small part. Her other pursuits include permaculture, food justice, alternative home construction, camping, and cooking.

Hillary Tipton, Energy Efficiency Analyst

Getting homeowners on the track to sound environmental and financial health has long been Hillary’s focus, from running light bulb exchanges and helping families avoid foreclosure, to lobbying for environmental and STEM education prior to joining ecobeco. Hillary studied environmental policy and communications at Oberlin College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in Environmental Studies and Hispanic Studies. Making the techno-speak of environmental and building professionals accessible for the average homeowner is her specialty. She lives in Washington, DC and enjoys distance running and studying the fossils of her home state of Ohio.

Daniel Walfield, Energy Auditor

Daniel believes service and customer satisfaction are paramount. He makes sure that the customers have a clear understanding with regards to the products and how they perform to provide you the best in energy efficiency, and how they will save you money over their lifetime. He is very passionate about helping homeowners address their energy concerns and hopes to inspire more homeowners to move to action. Daniel recently received his BPI Building Analyst Certification and describes the inefficient use of precious natural resources as karmically foolish and politically shameful, and believes that it’s our responsibility to husband our resources wisely and make the most of them.

Sara Werksman, Energy Auditor

An experienced energy auditor, Sara brings a variety of talents to her work at Ecobeco. As a certified BPI® Energy Auditor her credentials reflect her extensive training and knowledge in the energy efficiency field. During her many hours in the field conducting energy auditing work, she has also come face-to-face with more attic and crawlspace critters than she cares to recount. Sara is committed to ensuring that client understands the relationship between all of the systems in the house and their effect on the health, comfort and efficiency of the home.