Thank you for supporting ecobeco.

We appreciate you telling your friends and family about ecobeco.  When one of your friends completes any paid service with ecobeco, or if they complete a Quick Home Energy Check-up (which is available at no cost), we'll send you $25 hard cash (and by hard cash, we really mean a check hand-written by ecobeco's owner).  Services include:

  1. The Quick Home Energy Check-up saves your friends hundreds of dollars per year on their energy and water bills, and includes helpful information on how to conserve energy at home.  The Quick Home Energy Check-up is available at no additional cost to your friend's existing utility service.  This program is funded through the EmPOWER Maryland Program.
  2. Home Energy Audit or Home Energy Upgrades will make your friend's home more comfortable while saving your friend energy and money.
  3. Design|Build or RemodelingServices. When your friends create the home they have always wanted with ecobeco, we'll send you a reward.
  4. Indoor Air Quality Services improve the indoor environmental quality of your friend's home, which can help reduce allergens and pollutants in homes.  By reducing pollution, many people feel better.
  5. New Custom Home.  If your friend builds a custom home with us, we'll throw you a party too!
Your friend will also receive a coupon for $500 off their next home improvement project over $5,000 with ecobeco (excludes diagnostic services) if they contract with us within 60 days of receiving the e-mail.

Please fill out the form below, and we will contact your friends to schedule their service.  If you prefer to give us the names of your friends over the phone, please call our office at (240) 396-2141 x1.  We will also accept the referral if your friend contacts us to schedule their appointment and mentions your name at the time of booking.

The Refer a Friend Program expires 12/31/2018.  Appointments must be completed on or before 3/31/2019.  Please read the terms and conditions below for more information.


Important Terms and Conditions:
  1. There are no limits on the number of referrals you can make and number of checks that you may receive. Come back to this page again to submit more names.  Awards will be made only for the first service provided for each customer.
  2. We will only make a referral award if you are identified as the referring friend prior to completion of the appointment.
  3. One service may have only one award, and in the case where two people make a referral, the award will be given to the first person identified as the referrer.
  4. No EmPOWER Maryland funds are used to support this offer.  This program is being funded solely by ecobeco.
  5. Qualifying services include Quick Home Check-up, Home Energy Audit, Home Energy Upgrade, any paid Design|Build or Remodeling project, any Indoor Air Quality project, or any custom new home.  Phone consultations and home visits for purposes of creating proposals are not qualifying services.
  6. We will contact your friends by phone and e-mail.  However, referred friends will not be added to ecobeco's marketing list unless they opt-in separately or become ecobeco customers.
  7. Any questions about this referral program should be addressed to
  8. Please allow 4 weeks after the completion of the appointment for your check. If you have changed your mailing address, please let us know so we can send your check.