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Top 4 Home Remodeling Projects for the Holidays

By: ecobeco August 30, 2017 10:39:00 AM EDT

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We know you’re still shaking the sand out of your shoes and gearing up for wearing socks again after our wonderful 2017 summer season. You might not be ready to think ahead to the holiday season, but if you want to remodel your home in time for seasonal entertaining, it's time to start — now. Before you know it, you’ll be able to relax with your friends, family, neighbors, and guests and truly enjoy the holidays this time around, stress-free.

Why so urgent when summertime isn’t even put to bed yet? Because a professional remodel takes proper planning and time if you want your project done right the first time, on time, without surprises. We know you’ve been thinking about it, planning, and collecting ideas, and now it’s time to pull the trigger and get started. Materials and selections can take time to choose, order and get delivered. It’s not just about us having time to do the work for you – we do, and we’re ready!

ecobeco’s Recommended Top 4 Holiday Remodel projects

  1. Food and Guests: Kitchen/Dining Remodel or Quality Upgrades
  2. Gathering and Socializing: Modernized Great Room or Family Room
  3. Viewing, Interacting, Enjoying: Group-friendly Media Room, Bar, or Game Room
  4. First Impressions: Inviting Entryway or Foyer
Photo by ecobeco - Greg Hadley

1. Food and Guests: Kitchen/Dining Remodel or Upgrades

Holidays traditionally include some form of feast, from small intimate dinner parties to entire family reunions with Aunt Betty and Cousin Rick. No matter how much you shoo people out of your kitchen, back in they will come. It's the hot (and warm) hang out spot during all gatherings. We’re creating better looking and more efficient kitchens with better storage and higher functionality and beauty all the time. Remodeling or upgrading your kitchen means you know it will both look and function perfectly when the time comes. Food preparation is followed by serving and feasting, and preparing the perfect space for guests to dine might mean a beautiful new coat of paint or updated lighting, or it might mean it’s finally time to take out that wall and open up your kitchen to a more 2017-style floor plan with dining integrated with your kitchen. New appliances? An island? New cabinets, flooring, countertops, sink, fixtures? New pantry, storage, or dining nook?

Photo by Purple Cherry Architects

 2. Gathering and Socializing: The Great Room

What about before and after that wonderful meal? Make a good room into a Great Room. Create a focal point or use what’s there (Fantastic fireplace? Awesome window with a view? Artwork display pieces or wall?), upgrade worn or dated finishes like flooring and paint, add custom built-in cabinetry, recessed lighting, and you’ll create a ready-made mood for conversation and connecting, not just for the holidays but year round.

Photo by Village Homes

3. Viewing, Interacting, Enjoying: Media Room, In-Home Bar, Game Room

Recovery mode on. Instead of a night out at the movies create an alternative have a family movie night, or better yet date night in a cozy space tricked out with all the entertaining essentials. So whether you have a crowd in town for the Big Game or prefer a quiet night at home having a space that is comfortable and functional is a must. 

Didn’t you go to someone’s home last year and think just a bit enviously, “Wow! What a great setup they have for entertaining!”, and then just go home wistfully? It's your turn!  Be the home that your family and friends talk about and create your own fantastic entertaining setup for any or all ages, right at your own home address. Let them come to you this year!

Photo by Home Matters LLC 

4. Making a First Impression: Entryway or Foyer

Impress your guests. New flooring, a beautiful front door and charming focal point are all elements of a great foyer to make lasting impressions on your guest. Feeling like your foyer may be a bit too cramped? Enlarging or creating an entryway by bumping it out and improving lighting and decor (like a mirror) will add to the openness while still feeling like home. 

Photo by Unknown

How to get started? 

Bring us your ideas. Talk to us and let’s understand what you have in mind and what your budget and scope are, or we can help you figure that part out as we discuss your remodel idea with you.

Allow enough time. You want to relax, not stress! We want you to know everything will be completed and in place so you don’t have to do the "Holiday Scramble" this year.  Start now!  Please.

Settle on your design. There are many choices. No matter how much helpful advice you get, it’s your home and it needs to be right for you and your family. We’ll help you with that too. Look at our “Home for the Holidays” Ideabooks on Houzz for our top 4 Holiday Remodels here, and see what feels right for expressing your personal style. Trust your gut. Often the first photo that really jumps out at you really is the best choice, just like what they’ve always told us about multiple-choice tests. It can really be that easy. 

Create a FREE account on Houzz and start saving the photos you like best to your own ideabooks. If you have ideas already picked out and bookmarked on Houzz, on Pinterest, or elsewhere, all the better – let’s get started! It’s not too late to start from scratch and still get your project done on time – we’ll help you with narrowing down options to achieve the absolute best look to fit your budget and desired scope.

Firm up the plan. Get your project plan confirmed, estimated, and scheduled. There’s no time to lose! The idea that Contractors are lots more available in the Fall than in Spring or Summer just isn’t true anymore. People are buying, selling, moving, and remodeling every month of the year. Choose only a top quality contractor with a great track record and great customer reviews

Get us started. We’re ready for you! Waiting a few more weeks or a month or more won’t get you to the finish line on time. This is your year to have no regrets and to finally invite people over and show off your lovely new space.

No doubt these are not new thoughts for you – year after year, you scramble to pull it all together and then think, “Maybe next year…” If the impending holidays are the little nudge you need to finally make your house into a home you truly enjoy, that’s a good enough reason — ‘tis almost the season!




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