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Turn Your Home Inside Out With The Top 3 Indoor/Outdoor Must-Have Additions

By: ecobeco April 20, 2017 3:55:28 PM EDT

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Love light airy spaces and a view of the great outdoors, but the reality of the muggy outdoors dampens your enthusiasm on hot or humid days? Or maybe you just hate being a mosquito magnet. Fear not! We’ll help you create your perfect year-round indoor/outdoor addition.

Indoor/outdoor additions of all types, sizes and configurations are possible within a wide range of budgets – don’t be intimidated into thinking you can’t have a gorgeous space like the one in this photo – you absolutely can!

Photo by Hebert Design Build
Our favorite three choices in indoor-outdoor remodel additions for 2017 are Four-Season Sunrooms, Conservatories, and Orangeries.

Four-Season Sunroom

This is the King (or Queen) of sunrooms. Tired of your deck or other basic addition that you can’t use for big stretches of the year in our fickle climate? We’ll help solve that for you!


Materials, finishes and site placement can be seamlessly tied to your current home style and décor or conversely, designed to intentionally stand out and make a statement. Sunrooms are usually enclosed and have a floor, full or partial walls (with real windows), roof, and comfort control for all year living.

A Four-Season Sunroom is especially wonderful because it is exactly what it sounds like: beautiful and comfortable and bright 365 days a year.

Enjoy a customized combination of great insulation, central heat or A/C, a fireplace, rustic woodstove, or ceiling fans for all-year comfort and your increased enjoyment of the outdoors, your garden, or simply for enjoying the daylight or evening views of all four seasons and watching as the seasons change. Be inside, enjoy what’s outside, and be comfortable no matter what’s out there – that’s the Four-Season Sunroom!

If you’re a snowbird or only at home part of the year, of course, there are many more construction options to choose from, all personalized to how you wish to use your additional space over which months. The possibilities for enjoying the outdoors without actually going OUT are endless!


Conservatories have long been used as a light-filled space in which to grow and enjoy plants of all types. Today, the term Conservatory can mean any outbuilding, addition, or room built using about 75% or more glass for the ceiling area, in addition to glazed walls, or a proliferation of windows.

In centuries past, a conservatory was a status symbol and a sign of wealth. We are in love with the 2017 translation of this classic design sensibility and elegance into normal-sized additions with a dramatic sun-filled flair.

Orangery (or Orangerie)

Just like it sounds, the traditional Orangery, most popular from the 17th-19th centuries was originally either a building or a room designed to bring your delicate orange, lemon, or other citrus trees indoors for a period of time to protect them from winter frost damage. In times past, they were always built facing south, and in 2017, southern exposure is still as lovely as ever, but in modern times, it’s certainly not a requirement anymore.

In 2017, we see the term “Orangery” being used interchangeably with “Conservatory” and more accurately as an addition with light allowed to come in through large wraparound windows and including some form of ventilation and humidity control, often located in the rooftop areas.

The key difference between a Conservatory and an Orangery is that the ceiling of a Conservatory will typically be 75% or more glass, and the Orangery has less than 75% glass overhead. Another distinctive feature of many Orangeries is a cupola-type topmost feature known as a Roof Lantern.

What’s eye-popping for us this year is the lovely countertrend of using an Orangery addition as a semi-formal or formal dining or living area, rather than what we’re used to seeing on our own “Porch”, which has been traditionally more casual than the main living areas of the home.

Choosing Your Indoor/Outdoor Space

It’s well worth a few minutes of your time to browse through our delightful new Indoor/Outdoor Ideabook on Houzz for inspiration – you will love where this trend is going. And yes, it’s all possible!

Be sure to consider all your desired features. Ceiling fans need electricity. TV needs a cable outlet. Heat or A/C requires power and might require ductwork. What about a bar fridge or an icemaker? Running water for a bar sink with a drain? Get creative and do it right.

You can bring outdoor styles into your home in an incredible number of novel ways to suit your unique personality and lifestyle.  These additions ring with timeless class from hundreds of years of tradition, combined with unlimited new updated material and design options. The sense of magic we feel in these types of intentionally extra-sunlit spaces will never feel outdated. This so-called “trend” is here to stay!

We're your partner.  Let us help you create the space you've always wanted. ecobeco is here for all your spring and summer projects, including patios, decks, porches, outdoor kitchens, landscaping and water features, additions for your pool areas and much more!

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