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Put the Cherry on Top: 3 Ways to Use Cherry In Your Next Design Build Project

By: ecobeco April 11, 2017 11:00:00 AM EDT

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‘Tis the season for cherry. With the cherry blossoms at peak bloom in our backyard of DC, and the weather warm-up prompting our visits to ice cream parlors for hot fudge sundaes with a cherry on top, it’s no wonder we’ve got cherry on the brain. In the Design world, cherry refers to both color and hardwood. Let's explore ways to liven up your living space by adding a little cherry on top of your next Design Build project. Whether you’re changing out the cabinetry in your kitchen, replacing your carpet with hardwood floors, or opting to brighten up a room with paint, cherry is a bold yet timeless choice.


Something we love sharing with our customers is that the cherry red color — paint, furniture, art, accents — in a room works very well paired with every shade of cherry wood from natural and light to rich and dark.

Splashy cherry red also pairs well with crisp white, mellow cream, neutrals, and several shades of celadon, aquamarine, and turquoise shades. These color combos have been around for centuries now and have stood the test of time.

Just remember: Red is a primary color, a pure classic. Plus, easy things like paint on the walls and pillows on the couches are changeable by tomorrow if you like to switch things up. But we encourage you to have some fun with this classic-to-contemporary color trend. Definitely browse our ideas and borrow some instant inspiration from our Cheery Cherry Ideabook on Houzz.

Photo by Borden Interiors & Associates


Whether you prefer cabinetry that’s dark and rich or light and natural, there’s a cherry wood to fit your design taste.

Consider yourself more contemporary with a traditional twist? The prairie/shaker style cabinetry may be the perfect fit — it’s the style that never goes out of style. Prairie or shaker style cabinetry has a way of embracing the classic contemporary design of Frank Lloyd Wright while still having simple and clean lines. This style is very popular because of its versatility. Many Design Build professionals use this style not just in kitchens, but baths and built-ins. The best part about this timeless style is it pairs well with any furniture or interior design you desire. We’ve seen shaker cabinets paired with farm sinks and natural soapstone counters — the contrast makes for a stunning combination.

Photo by Wyman Builders, Inc. 

Love an interior that’s more international? Cherry looks great in any decor setting or with any emphasis, from Asian styling with black, cream, pale gold, and delicate celadon tones to Mediterranean with bold strokes of color and pattern, to Pan Pacific, South African, and British Colonial styling. Cherry always looks perfectly at home in any interior style. 


Hardwood floors are a great way to tie the entire design of a room together. And when it comes to cherry hardwood floors, you can’t go wrong in color or style.

Prefer coastal living? No problem. When it comes to flooring, we love the look of a light and bright all-white kitchen with rich cherry hardwoods that provides a contrast that is pleasing to any eye.To make your coastal home even more nautical, think about painting the door a cherry red color.

Photo by V.I.Photography & Design

Always go for what’s tried and true? Opt for a traditional style. However, what’s really “traditional” in 2017? Eclectic or transitional might be a more accurate way to describe the design age we’re currently experiencing. Truly, anything goes! We're seeing strong uptrending in pairing formal elements with more casual styles and designs. For example, rich dark cherry wood finishes and flooring were reserved for the classic and regal homes are now being installed in more contemporary and casual homes and being combined with other material elements like glass, copper, and white.


One thing we know for certain is that cherry is versatile, warm, inviting and will last a lifetime or longer. A bonus to using cherry wood over other materials is that over time, the wood color gently warms in tone with sunlight, and will become richer and deeper, adding more depth to your cabinetry and overall design.

If you're looking for sustainably harvested certified cherry flooring or cabinetry, we work with sustainably certified (FSC) suppliers as well as a variety of traditional and custom built products to suit your lifestyle and your budget.

We’ve created our own Ideabook on Houzz with over 130 photos so you can visually see and understand the variety of ways you can utilize cherry to top off your next project. Have a look! 

Speaking of projects, we’d love to hear about yours:


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