better materials

Reducing off-gassing and VOCs is Good for Your Family's Health.  Green and Sustainable Building Materials are Available.

DB_BETTER_MATERIALS.jpgWe give you choices that allow you to express your values in your remodeling project.  You can make a healthier choice by selecting the right building materials.  We make it easy to select products that improve your home’s indoor air quality by focusing on reduced Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) or reduced off-gassing (formaldehyde).  You can also select 3rd-party verified environmentally-friendly products that have reduced carbon footprints, lower energy intensity, or use recycled materials. 

At any step in our process, you can pick standard products, or pick products that have lower impacts on your family’s respiratory health, or pick products that have a lower environmental impact. Your project – your values.  Couple materials selection with cleaner building practices, and ecobeco reduces the impact of dust, fumes, chemicals and other hard to see negative side-effects of the remodeling process.