energy efficient home design

Enhancing Energy Efficiency Improves Comfort and Reduces Waste.  It's an Easy Add-on.

EnergyAuditCTAresize.jpgIt’s easy to add some energy efficiency and comfort to your home remodeling project.  Most home remodeling projects are meant to help your home look better and to improve your quality of life.  For example, kitchen and bathrooms that are designed to help you get things done more easily.  So why not take this opportunity to enhance the comfort and energy efficiency of your home?  It’s an easy add-on that won’t add any time or complexity to your project.

For example, air sealing and insulating a house is an easy add-on that significantly enhanced comfort and reduces your heating and cooling billls.

A poorly insulated attic with poor ductwork A well insulated attic with sealed ducts
Atticbeforeductmonster.jpg Atticafterductmonster.jpg