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Custom Home Building

custom home building

Eco-friendly, energy efficient, comfortable, designed to your taste. ecobeco teams with local architects and factory home creators to build the home of your dreams.

Zero Energy Ready Homes

zero energy ready homes

Save thousands on your utilities each year while experiencing unparalleled comfort. We certify your home to DOE's Zero Energy Ready Home standard, which is inclusive of ENERGY STAR and Indoor airPlus.

EPA Indoor airPlus

indoor airplus

Combining best practices with low-emission materials creates an exceptional indoor environment. We certify your home to EPA's rigorous Indoor airPlus standard.

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Why ecobeco?

We believe that all homeowners should live in comfortable, efficient, healthy homes. ecobeco is your trusted partner for whole home design that impacts you and your family, your community, and the environment in positive ways. Our multi-disciplinary team of energy auditors, general contractors, architects and interior designers will create the home you always wanted.