It'll Look Good and Perform Great!

ecobeco is committed to building high performance homes. Whether traditional, contemporary or modern, big or small, single family, duplex or townhome, we deliver on time and on budget. 

DB-New-Home-Construction.jpgUse your own architect, use one of our architect partners or designers, or consider a plan that is ready to go with minor customizations. While ecobeco can build homes in the traditional way, we prefer to use factory made homes. This process constructs the shell of the home in a conditioned factory with excellent consistency and quality control. The shell is then shipped and installed on site, and then our local team finishes the home in a couple of months. This method shortens the home building process by 50%, and improves the quality of the finished product.

We care about building in an eco-friendly and family friendly way. This means selecting materials that have low emissions so your family won't get sickened by volatile organic compounds. This means designing the home to optimize comfort while minimizing energy use for heating and cooling. This means ensuring consistent fresh air ventilation and best in class air filtration technologies.

All of our homes will meet Zero Energy Ready Home standards, Indoor airPlus standards, ENERGY STAR New Home Standards, and your local building code standards.  If you have a good location for solar, we may be able to achieve full net zero performance, which means your home produces as much energy as it uses over the year.

ecobeco is licensed and insured to build homes in the State of Maryland.