Top 8 Winter Preparation Tips

The weather is finally turning cooler, and we wanted to provide some great tips to prepare your family for the upcoming winter season courtesy of the US Department of Energy.

  1. Take Advantage of Heat from the Sun – open shades to let the sunshine in.
  2. Cover Drafty Windows – heavy duty plastic film can be taped around leaky windows.
  3. Adjust the Temperature – Use a programmable thermostat to set back 10 degrees when you’re not home.
  4. Find and Seal Leaks – Caulking doors and windows, or hire a pro to seal the attic and basement.
  5. Maintain Your Heating Systems – Replace filters and perform seasonal maintenance.
  6. Reduce Heat Loss from the Fireplace – Keep dampers closed when not in use (for wood burning only)
  7. Lower Your Water Heating Costs – Set water to 120 degrees.  Adjust mixing valves.
  8. Lower Your Holiday Lighting Costs – Use LEDs.

Click here to read the full article to learn more.

And, of course, if you want a professional to look things over, get a Home Energy Audit.  ecobeco has performed over 3,000 energy audits since 2008, and we’ll help you learn how to enhance comfort and energy efficiency at the same time.


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