Use Houzz Ideabooks to Communicate Your Remodeling Project Vision

We sat down with eco-friendly design expert Jason Holstine of Amicus Green Building Center in his Kensington, Maryland showroom to get the scoop on his recommendations when creating Houzz Ideabooks.  Customers use ideabooks to express their vision to professional designers like Jason and ecobeco’s Carol Schreitmueller. Ideabooks can save time, generate brilliant designs, and instantly clarify your ideas using gorgeous professional photos that you choose for yourself. A picture really is worth 1,000 words – hence the runaway success of the home-focused website, Houzz.  It’s like Pinterest but with laser focus on homes.

First, you’re going to want to set up your free personal Houzz account if you haven’t already done so. Your next step is to start looking at photos using the “PHOTOS” menu option or the search bar.  Just start looking around – it’s fun, easy, and inspiring! Houzz has compelling photos that cover your home’s remodeling opportunities from top to bottom.


You’ll notice that when you hover over a photo, it gives you the option to save the photo to an Ideabook. Ideabooks are online photo albums that are easy to access and add your new ideas to with just a click of the mouse.

Next, create three different Ideabook. Before you can pick photos, you need to get the Ideabooks ready to receive the photos. Navigate to your profile and click the tab that is labeled “Ideabooks” then click the + icon and name your Ideabook with one of the titles below. (Repeat 2 more times so you have 3 Ideabooks)

Feeling The Love

This Ideabook captures the overall look and feel of the room or space you’re looking at in the photo – the look or feel appeals to you right off – doesn’t matter why! Go with your gut.

The Details

Specific details that jumped out to grab you and you simply like — that faucet, this color blue, that pattern in the tile, the kitchen island with room for cookbooks — anything at all.

No Thank You

As you search large numbers of photos, you are bound to find some styles and looks you truly do NOT like – capture them!  Documenting what you don’t like can become very helpful once you start into the design phase. Make a quick note under each photo you choose about what it is that doesn’t appeal to you.

By creating separate Ideabooks of likes, details, and dislikes, it will help communicte your vision to design professionals quickly and easily.


Now it’s time to drill down your vision. Begin your search through “PHOTOS” by hovering and then selecting the category you want to explore.  You can also use the search bar to find specifics. When your mouse hovers over the photo, click the “+” to save to an ideabook.  Specify the Ideabook that best captures that photo – Feeling the Love, The Details, or No Thank You – and give it a descriptor that captures your feeling towards the photo.


Finally, once your Ideabooks are built out, you’ll want to discuss your favorite choices with your designer.  You can bring your Ideabooks with you via the handy Houzz app, or you can share them online by adding your designer as a “collaborator.”  Just open the Ideabook and you will see “Add or Edit Collaborators” at the top. Company name or email address is required.

Now you and your designer are ready to narrow things down, eliminate the “no-way / no-hows” and build a colors/materials palette and design language for your project with you — it’s a collaborative process.

The process of getting your design inspiration organized is fun and easy, so get started! If you need some ideas to get you going, check out ecobeco’s 25+ ideabooks over on Houzz organized by topic.  Have fun and happy designing — we’re ready to help you turn your creative ideas into reality – let’s get started!

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ecobeco is proud to be 2017 Houzz Award winner for Customer Service – thank you to our loyal clients and Houzz!

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